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LocatedPet is a location service that enables anyone to share the location of your lost pet.

You'll get a text message and an email with a map.

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No hidden fees.

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No health or safety risks.

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No batteries.

No maintenance.

Not another GPS gadget.

The service that helps lost pets find their way home.

How it works

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Subscribe and get LocatedPet Collar tag. Activate the service and provide your email and mobile phone number.

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Simply attach a bright scannable tag with QR code to your pet's collar. A distinctive message on the tag reads: "Am I lost? Scan QR code or visit locatedpet.net Thanks!". Make sure your pet always wear it! 


If your pet gets lost, anyone who finds it can scan the tag with a mobile phone and share their location.

You'll be texted with a link to a map showing your pet's current location.


Why a collar tag with

imprinted QR code?

Or click here.

  1. Scannable with a mobile phone, no need for special devices.

  2. Enables immediately sharing the location of your lost pet - be it in the street, vet’s ambulance or shelter.

  3. Protects your privacy. No need to make your personal details visible.

  4. No health or safety risks for your pet. No radiation.

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Passive tag with no radiation. Harmless to your pet.


No location tracking of the owner. Always protects your privacy.

SIMPLE & convenient

No maintenance, no batteries, no hidden fees.



Works 24-7-365. Globally available.

Hosted on Amazon. Made in Canada.

Get Peace of mind. Order LocatedPet now!

The collar tag scannable with mobile phone. Anyone can share the location of your lost pet instantly. You get a text message and an email with a map.

  • Always a FREE Tag!

  • No safety or health risks. Passive tag with no radiation. Harmless to your pet.

  • Protects your privacy. No location tracking of the owner.

  • Works globally 24/7/365. Made in Canada, hosted in the USA.

  • Risk FREE, 30 days to try. 100% money back guarantee.

  • Simple to use. Works on all devices.

Only $37 per year! Special prices for 2 or more pets.

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Keopi is an integral part of our family, and being part of the LocatedPet community gives us peace of mind knowing that we have a simple way of engaging the local neighbourhood in case he wanders off somewhere he's not supposed to. The days of having to put up inefficient lost pet signs are over.



This technology is a brilliant upgrade to the old-fashioned pet ID tag! No need to make your phone number always visible. 


I subscribed the service to help my pet to be located and get peace of mind. I can’t imagine to never see my pet again. That would be a disaster for the entire family.



Last time my cat was lost, I suffered for three days. I just want to help somebody to reach me if this happens again. I don’t want to experience this feeling never again.


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