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Pet Location-sharing service

Your pet's ultimate protection plan

Do you ever think of a scenario where your pet is running around lost, looking for help but unable to speak up for itself?

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Although off-leash walks are very important for pet's health, each poses a threat of loss, worry, and sadness. A single reckless moment could turn into a series of sleepless nights and potential tragedy.

Pets get lost! One in three pets will get lost during their life. Only 22% of dogs and less than 2% of cats that by some luck end in shelters will join their original families.

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Protect your pet and get peace of mind!

Help your pet find their way home in case they get lost!

Get LocatedPet NOW!

Anyone can share the location of your lost pet. You get a text message and email with a map.


Scannable with mobile phone

Immediate sharing of the location

No health or safety risks

LocatedPet Screen
LocatedPet Collar Tag

The tag scannable with a mobile phone, no need for special device or chip scanning.

As soon as somebody shares the location of your lost pet, you get the text message and email with a map. 

Passive tag with no radiation. Harmless to your pet.

No batteries.

No maintenance.

Works on all mobile phones. Simple and convenient solution to all your worries.

Protects your privacy

No need to make your personal details visible. No location tracking of the owner.

Works 24/7/365. Globally available.

Hosted on Amazon.

Made in Canada.

Just pay for shipping.

Try 30 days for FREE

Order now
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Take this unique offer and try LocatedPet for FREE.

We won't charge you 30 days after the activation.

Let us amaze you with the service and support!

Just pay for shipping.

After 30 days trial period, we'll charge you $37 for the annual location-sharing service.


You can cancel anytime.

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Protected pets


Locations shared


LocatedPet provides you with a solution to all your worries and is the ultimate safety net if your pet ever runs away.

​The simplest method to effectively protect your pet from getting lost forever, without compromising their health or your safety!

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328 - 1489 Marine Drive,

West Vancouver, BC Canada

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