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The Ultimate Pet Protection Service.

Helps lost pet find their way home.


Lost pets can't tell their location. This service and tag will do it for them!

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1. Subscribe and get LocatedPet tag. Activate the service and provide your contact information.

2. Simply attach a bright orange tag with QR code and unique pet ID to your pet's collar. A distinctive message reads "Am I lost? Scan QR code or go to Thanks!

Make sure your pet is always wearing it.

3. If your pet gets lost, anyone who finds it can scan the tag and share their location. You’ll be texted with a link to a map showing your pet’s current location. Contact information can be displayed to the finder if the owner chooses to share it.

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LocatedPet enables anyone in the street to share the location of your lost pet instantly.
This new technology will assist your pet in finding their way home and help them speak up for themselves in a situation of need.

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For carefree off-leash walks.

No location tracking of the owner. Always protects your privacy.

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Only for Owners Who Care!

No maintenance, no batteries, no hidden fees.




The best way to keep your pet safe is to make it easy to engage the community allowing us all to help each other. Even if someone finds your lost pet, that person may not have quick access to a microchip scanner or time to take it to a vet. 

With LocatedPet tag, any community member who finds a pet can use a basic smartphone to scan the tag. The pet owner gets a text message and email displaying the pet’s current location.

No health or safety risks.

Passive tag with no radiation. Harmless to your pet.



Trusted by thousands of pet owners worldwide. Made in Canada, hosted in the US. Works globally.

LocatedPet provides a solution to all your worries and is the ultimate safety net if your pet ever runs away. 


Become a part of a growing community of responsible pet owners who don’t want to be concerned and frightened for the safety of their pet anymore. Join many of those who have already acquired the LocatedPet orange tag with location service and ensure that your pet is always with you, safe and sound! Don’t let them down by not doing everything you can to help them.


My pet is already microchipped, why should he wear collar tag?

Having your pet microchipped is highly recommended but you can look at it as a “last line of the defense” against losing it forever. Not many people who run into a lost animal are willing or have time to take it to the shelter or vet station, where microchip can be read. Moreover, microchip is not something that is visible to the eye. Without a collar and a tag your loving pet can easily be mistaken for any stray dog. LocatedPet tags are bright orange, easy to spot, and anyone who finds a pet wearing it will know what to do.

Why not use a tag with my phone number?

True, this can partially solve the problem, but you expose your personal information to anyone that approaches your pet. Furthermore, if a pet gets lost abroad, international calls may be costly and communication may be a problem due to language barriers. Not to mention explaining the location over the phone.

Will it work abroad?

Absolutely! The best thing about LocatedPet is that it works globally. Any finder with a smart phone or device with the internet connection will be able to inform you that your pet was found anywhere on the planet.

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LocatedPet is a global community of pet owners and animal lovers that is growing each day. Our mission is to help lost pets find their way back home and to give pet owners peace of mind. The orange tag can be easily spotted so anyone can scan it and help a pet in need.

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