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Now you can get them their ultimate protection plan.



The Unique Pet Location-sharing 


You love your pets and you don’t ever want to lose them.

Protect your pet today for only $37.

You can start protecting your pet in just 3 simple steps:


Order your LocatedPet tag and sign up for your personal location-sharing system.


Put your tag on your pet’s favourite collar, one they always wear. 


Take your pet for their daily walks knowing that YOU are protecting them 24/7.

You wouldn’t leave your home without your phone or your keys, why should your pet leave the house without an assurance they can get home should you become separated? 

Get Your FREE Collar Tag!

But HOW does it all work

LocatedPet enables anyone in the street to share the location of your lost pet. You get a text message and an email with a map. Simple and intuitive as it should be.


Your pet wears a bright orange visible tag with a QR code and a unique pet ID. A distinctive message reads “Am I lost? Scan QR code or visit, Thanks!”.


Anyone who finds your lost pet can use a basic smartphone to scan the tag and share their current location with you.

LP_TAG Model-Back.62.png

Get this new technology to assist your pet in finding their way home and help them speak up for themselves in a situation of need. Don’t let them down by not doing everything you can to help them.



How is this any different from a normal dog tag? 

If your dog EVER gets separated from you and you can’t find them, your LocatedPet tag will allow ANYONE to use their phone to identify your dog and send you a message. You’ll get notified, you’ll see your pet’s location on a map, and you’ll be able to be the hero and find your pet safely. 

I already have my dog microchipped, why do I need this? 

Microchips can ONLY be read by vets or shelters, and at that point you’re already worried sick about your lost pet. LocatedPet tags can be read by ANYONE with a cell phone. They are bright orange, and anyone can easily spot.

I can just get a GPS collar from other online stores, is this any different? 

Yes! You absolutely can get a GPS collar. But that can be extremely harmful to the dog and requires charging, batteries, and it is EXPENSIVE! Our tag emits absolutely ZERO radio signals, leaving your pet safe. Furthermore, it’s only $37 to get started protecting your pet TODAY. 

Get Your Free Tag Today!

Back in 2019, Maddie was in the exact position as you. She wanted her lost dog back more than anything in the world.


"A year ago, I was in a dark place. I’d been trying to find my lost dog for 9 days without success. I felt stuck and overwhelmed. I doubted I’d ever see him again. Fortunately, it all ended happily. 

After discovering LocatedPet location service, everything suddenly became easy. 

Now, my life is completely different. Before this, I would worry and avoid off-leash walks; now I enjoy spending time outside knowing that there is another layer of protection." - Maddie, Texas



I activated LocatedPet service a few months ago, and I am thrilled! The usage of LocatedPet is effortless, and I would give five stars to this service with no doubt!


Keopi is an integral part of our family, and being part of the orange tag community gives us peace of mind knowing that we have a simple way of engaging the local neighbourhood in case he wanders off somewhere he's not supposed to. The days of having to put up inefficient lost pet signs are over, and we encourage other pet owners to get on board.

Sam Chan

Last time my cat was lost, I suffered for three days. I just want to help somebody to reach me if this happens again. I don’t want to experience this feeling never again.


I subscribed the service to help my pet to be located and get peace of mind. I can’t imagine to never see my pet again. That would be a disaster for the entire family, especially for my kids.


LP Tag Package Mockup Front.png

LocatedPet provides you with a solution to all your worries and is the ultimate safety net if your pet ever runs away.

  1. FREE Replacement Tag!

  2. No maintenance. No hidden fees.

  3. No safety or health risks. Passive tag with no radiation. Harmless to your pet.

  4. Protects your privacy. No location tracking of the owner.

  5. Works 24/7/365 in 150 countries.

  6. Risk FREE, 30 days to try.

  7. Simple to use. Works on all devices.

Protect your beloved one!

Subscribe for only $37 per year!

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328 - 1489 Marine Drive,

West Vancouver, BC Canada

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