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The location-sharing service.


Pets get lost! One in three pets will get lost during their life. When somebody finds a lost pet, it is usually hard to reach the owner.

Solely in the US and Canada, about 10 million pets get lost each year. Only 22% of dogs and less than 2% of cats that by some luck end in shelters will join their original families. These figures are real and disappointing! Don’t become part of this sad statistics.

LocatedPet is a location service that helps you protect your pet and get peace of mind. Your pet wears a collar tag with imprinted QR code, scannable with a mobile phone. A distinctive message reads “Am I lost? Scan QR code or visit, Thanks!”. 


It enables anyone in the street to share the location of your lost pet. You get a text message and an email with a map. Simple and intuitive as it should be.

A text message with a link to the map.

Alert page, somebody found your lost pet and shared the location.

You can easily navigate to your beloved one.

Do you ever think of a scenario where your pet is running around lost, looking for help but unable to speak up for itself? Do you worry each time you take a walk with your pet that it will run away when gets off the leash? 

Then someone finds it but cannot reach you because they don’t have the time to take it to a vet for a microchip reading. Each walk poses a threat of loss, worry and sadness, and a single reckless moment could turn into a series of sleepless nights and potential tragedy.


The location service that enables anyone to share the location of your lost pet instantly. You get a text message and an email with a map.


Compatible with phones, tablets and PC's. No need for mobile app.

In this package you'll get:

  • 1 stainless steel collar tag with imprinted QR code and pet's unique ID; 1 by 1 inch in size; double-coated and waterproof; suitable for dogs and cats.

  • 1 Year subscription to Location service.

  • Online pet's profile.

  • Unlimited email and text notification messages.

  • Keychain.

Only $37 Annually

A FREE Collar Tag & FREE Shipping

2 or more pets in your family? No worries, we have special prices for families: protect 2 pets for $49; 3 for 59$; 4 for $69.

And FREE collar tags for all!

LocatedPet provides you with a solution to all your worries and is the ultimate safety net if your pet ever runs away. Join many of those who have already acquired the LocatedPet orange tag with location service and ensure that your pet is always with you, safe and sound! Don’t let them down by not doing everything you can to help them.


Subscribe and get a

FREE collar tag.

If the tag is damaged or lost, don’t worry – you'll always get a free replacement, you just pay for shipping.


30 Days to Try, 100% Money Back Guarantee.

If we fail to meet your expectations, you’ll get a refund. 

No questions asked!


  1. Scannable with a mobile phone, no need for special devices. No special equipment such as a microchip reader or GPS tracker is needed!

  2. Enables immediately sharing the location of your lost pet - be it the street, vet’s ambulance or shelter.

  3. Protects your privacy. No need to make your personal details visible.

  4. No health or safety risks for your pet. No radiation.


Passive tag with no radiation. Harmless to your pet.


No location tracking of the owner. Always protects your privacy.

SIMPLE & convenient

No maintenance, no batteries, no hidden fees.



Works 24-7-365. Globally available.

Hosted on Amazon. Made in Canada.

People are willing to help, but they don’t have time to deal with it. Therefore, make it simple and fast.

A microchip is not visible. Microchips can provide contact information, but a special device is required to read it. Someone will have to take the pet to a vet to read the microchip.

A tag with the phone number is very popular, but many people feel uncomfortable calling an unknown number. Also, it reviles your personal information to any passerby.

Protect your pet.

Get LocatedPet Now!

1 pet for $37; 2 for $49; 3 for 59$; 4 for $69.

And FREE collar tags for all!


Golden Dog


Keopi is an integral part of our family, and being part of the LocatedPet community gives us peace of mind knowing that we have a simple way of engaging the local neighbourhood in case he wanders off somewhere he's not supposed to. The days of having to put up inefficient lost pet signs are over.


Last time my cat was lost, I suffered for three days. I just want to help somebody to reach me if this happens again. I don’t want to experience this feeling never again.


I subscribed the service to help my pet to be located and get peace of mind. I can’t imagine to never see my pet again. That would be a disaster for the entire family.


This technology is a brilliant upgrade to the old-fashioned pet ID tag! No need to make your phone number always visible. 

Back in 2019, Maddie was in the exact position as you. She wanted her lost dog back more than anything in the world.


"A year ago, I was in a dark place. I’d been trying to find my lost dog for 9 days without success. I felt stuck and overwhelmed. I doubted I’d ever see him again. Fortunately, it all ended happily. 

After discovering LocatedPet location service, everything suddenly became easy. 

Now, my life is completely different. Before this, I would worry and avoid off-leash walks; now I enjoy spending time outside knowing that there is another layer of protection. Other pet owners get freaked out and can’t believe that it only costs $37 annually!" - Maddie, Texas


Become a part of a growing community of responsible pet owners who don’t want to be concerned and frightened for the safety of their pets anymore.

Currious dog rectangle Small.jpg

The simplest method to effectively protect your pet from getting lost forever, without compromising their health or your safety!

Subscribe and get peace of mind for only $37!

 2 or more pets in your family? No worries, we have special prices for you: protect 2 pets for $49; 3 for 59$; 4 for $69.

And FREE collar tags for all! 

Everyone knows that microchips are the ultimate way of reuniting yourself with your pet in case they get lost. The problem? Everyone is dead wrong. The truth is that ID tags are much more effective and can be credited for reuniting people with their furry friends 90% of the time!

When a pet gets lost, the community is the best ally in bringing them home again.

Protect your pet. Get peace of mind!

✅ FREE Replacement Tag!

✅ No maintenance. No hidden fees.

✅ No safety or health risks. Passive tag with no radiation. Harmless to your pet.

✅ Protects your privacy. No location tracking of the owner.

✅ Works globally 24/7/365. Made in Canada, hosted in the USA.

✅ Risk FREE, 30 days to try. 100% money back guarantee.

✅ Simple to use. Works on all devices.


The collar tag scannable with mobile phone. Anyone can share the location of your lost pet instantly. You get a text message and an email with a map.


Enables immediate sharing the location of your lost pet - be it the street, vet’s ambulance or shelter. No special equipment such as microchip reader, GPS tracker, or mobile app needed! Simple and intuitive as it should be!

If your dog gets away from you, LocatedPet location service will be your best bet at reuniting with them.

Protect 1 pet for $37; 2 for $49; 3 for 59$; 4 for $69.

And FREE collar tags for all! 


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